No Travel Video Conferencing

The Northwest AHEC No-Travel Option Helps Educators and Learners Maximize Time and Participate in Continuing Education from Anywhere

Northwest AHEC is offering a new method to participate in select classroom programs called the no-travel option.  A mixed mode virtual video bridge service allows Northwest AHEC to connect enterprise-level, room-based video conference systems to consumer desktop and mobile devices via the internet.  This new learning option allows both presenters and learners to participate at a distance in real time activities. Participants and presenters interact using internet enabled two-way video and audio from the comfort and convenience of their home, office, or wherever life’s circumstances allow.

The technology is not only used by participants, but also content experts unable to commit to a larger time slot required by travel.  The technology can be used to enable subject matter experts to present from their desktop computer at workplace or home substantially reducing the time commitment.

Feedback from distance learners using this service has been very positive even given the additional charge for the no-travel option.  Remote learners report high satisfaction with the convenience of the methodology.  Northwest AHEC has found the additional technology required increased organization and redundancy planning prior to and during the event but have managed to support the option using existing resources and staff.

Northwest AHEC is very confident that providing this service to an expanded selection of upcoming events will accommodate busy schedules of presenters and learners who desire to participate at a distance via the no-travel method.

Ready to join a “No Travel” event? Here are some tips prior to participating:

  • First time joining a Blue Jeans Video Meeting?
  • Want to test your video connection?
  • Using a mobile device (iOS or Android)? Download the app here:
  • Generally, connection to the event will open at least 15 minutes prior to the event start time.
  • Please join in early and make sure your camera, speakers/headphones, and microphone are set up correctly.
  • You will need a strong broadband connection for best results during the event.
  • Note the call in telephone number should you lose connection or power during the event.
  • Please identify yourself in the prompted window when joining an event. this will ensure your participation is recorded for any available CE credit.
  • Familiarize yourself with the conference interface and learn how to: mute/unmute your microphone; enter questions/comments in the chat area; and general navigation.
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